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Liquor & Retail Toolkit


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The ultimate starter kit for any trailblazing recycling retailer. Offer your customers a discount on their next purchase.

Request a free Liquor & Retail toolkit for your liquor, grocery & convenience store via our Commercial Toolkit registration page.

The Liquor & Retail Toolkit contains:


  1. C4C078 Fridge Sticker, Discount on Purchase x 5
  2. C4C113 Fridge Sticker, Discount (Liquor) x 5
  3. C4C081 Fridge Wobbler, Don’t Go to Waste (Liquor) x 10
  4. C4C114 Door Sticker, We Support Containers for Change x 2
  5. C4C082 Counter Card, Don’t Go to Waste (Liquor) x 2
  6. C4C083 Bollard Cover (Liquor) x 2
  7. C4C080 Poster, Don’t Go to Waste (Liquor) (580 x 850mm) x 2
  8. C4C085 Liquor and Retail Toolkit Guide
  9. C4C096 Liquor and Retail POS Set Up Guide
  10. C4C088 Liquor and Retail T&C’s 1 Page
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